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Other Products

Kitchen is the right place for experiments. Therefore, we would like to offer you a variety of products that can make typical meals much more varied, interesting, and delicious. Aside from frozen fruits, vegetables, or fried meals, we also have a wide selection of frozen seafood and puff pastry variations. What is more, there are also much more exotic products allowing for the preparation of excellent Asian meals. The said offer also incorporates an abundance of various types of cheese, making it notably easier to indulge oneself in Mediterranean cuisine. Those are not all the available goods, as typical Polish meals and products are in stock as well.

If you are thinking about surprising your clients with an extended assortment, cooperation with our enterprise is a great solution to achieve that. Our company is capable of supplying you with a wide range of frozen products that can be taken advantage of to create one-of-a-kind meals. Another benefit of our firm is a close cooperation with renowned producers only. They provide us with tasty, reliable, and high quality commodities in reasonable prices.