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Frozen vegetables

Green, yellow, orange, and red – regardless of the color, our vegetable mixes are crispy and delicious. They are simply perfect for all the gourmets who are willing to enrich their cuisine by adding new and exotic tastes to it. The proposed mixes are prepared by well-known producers of frozen commodities. It is the guarantee of exceptionally high quality.

The fixed offer of our company incorporates varying mixes of frozen vegetables. They are all aromatic and natural, such as: golden potatoes, crispy carrots, onions, and green parsley. One may also find vegetable combinations that are additionally flavored and combined with herbs. Interesting mixtures and varying assortment directly translate into the possibility to offer your clients something new and refreshing – all you need to do is to start cooperation with us. Not only the variety is appealing, but also the abundance of taste-related sensations accompanying it should be taken into account. The aforementioned mixes will be suitable for every type of cuisine, allowing your clients to create dishes that are more creative. Your shop refrigerators should be filled with such products.