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Frozen fruits

Sweet, prominent, and delicious. Yes, we are talking about frozen fruits available in our offer. The packages contain numerous tastes and smells of summer. In order to remind your customers about them, you should fill your shop freezers with some of our goods. The current offer incorporates crispy apples, juicy pears, strawberries, as well as blackberries giving off the smell of a forest. What is more, we are capable of offering you numerous readymade fruit mixes suitable for all types of cakes. All of them are available in reasonable prices, so consider purchasing them today.

If you have been looking for a wholesale store with a wide assortment of products selling tasty frozen fruits all year round – do consider starting collaboration with our enterprise. Our offer consists of a number of products supplied by most popular producers on the market. We cooperate with, among others, Iglotex, Koral, and Aviko Companies. Thanks to the recognition gained by our partners, we can ensure you that the goods we offer combine excellent quality with reasonable prices.