Skontaktuj się z nami (Contact with us): 02380 634 042

What should you know about us?

Our employees are fully aware of the fact that the business world should be based on partnership-like relations established and maintained between the collaborating entities. The Polish Product Limited Company has firm foundations – workers are of highest possible importance for us. They are the ones responsible for the contact with our customers, they collect orders, as well as deliver the ordered products to the right address.

Polish Product Limited has been operating on the market for several consecutive years. Very first orders were realized back in 2008. The consecutive years have brought with them dynamic growth and collaboration with new clients – especially with entrepreneurs running their own food stores, restaurants, and hotels. Today, our goods are delivered to the contractors from both Poland and abroad – mainly to those from Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, or the Netherlands. It is worth mentioning that the localization of our facilities is highly beneficial – they are located in Southampton. Such localization allows us to deliver the ordered products to our customers on time.

Our business offer is exceptionally wide. We regularly supplement the list of offered commodities by adding new, alluring goods to it. In order to fulfill your needs, we provide you not only with jarred and canned food products, various types of meat, fruits, and press, but also – with frozen products. Due to the fact that they are delivered by us personally, we can guarantee that they are all stored in optimal conditions.

If you are interested in cooperating with a trustworthy contractor, we would like to encourage you to contact us. We will try our best to make the cooperation mutually satisfying and fruitful. We would also like to invite you to check our full offer of frozen products and goods alike which are currently available for sale.