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Wellness Program

In recent years, frozen food products are being gradually more appreciated by the consumers. The said fact is proved by numbers – as the GfK Household Panel reported in 2014, the segment of market in question has seen the most significant increase in sales. There are numerous causes of the aforementioned fact – an increasing number of clients are willing to try new tastes and many of them have no time to prepare meals on their own. By taking advantage of ready-made solutions, they can eat a nutritious meal while at the same time saving some time.

Taking the increased demand of customers for frozen commodities into account, the owners of food shops should focus on extending the product list to include the said alluring goods. Such an approach can notably increase sales and turnover of the company. In order to meet the expectations of our contractors, the offer of the Polish Product Limited Company has been expanded by ready-made frozen goods. Aside from them, we can also provide you with vegetable and fruit mixes, farinaceous foods, and baked goods.

How to encourage clients to give frozen goods a try? It is worth informing them about the nutritional value of such a type of food and health benefits of consuming it. According to the National Food and Nutrition Institute, every healthy individual should eat four rations of vegetables and three rations of fruits every single day. It is also possible to take advantage of frozen products to fill the gaps in daily menu. As our company offers products delivered by trusted producers only, the customers can be sure about the abundance of vitamins and minerals in them after defrosting.  It goes without saying that our organism requires lots of such microelements. Frozen vegetables and fruits are also sources of A, B, E, and C vitamins.

Time-efficiency combined with the possibility to eat healthy are main reasons why you and your customers should try frozen goods. We can ensure you that such a promotion will make the clients willing to try the said products stored in your shop freezers. We would like to encourage you to purchase frozen commodities that you find most appealing and recommend them to your consumers regardless of the time of year.