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About Us

What should you know about us?


Euro-Hurt Limited – a trustworthy business partner

We have been operating on the market since 2008. Furthermore, we have obtained a lot of valuable experience in the food industry. Our customers are provided with, among others, frozen products. If you are interested in gathering more pieces of information about the enterprise, its priorities, and operation history, we would like to encourage you to read the text below.

There are numerous benefits of cooperating with us. We can ensure you that you will not regret trusting us:

  • We are proficient when it comes to time management; orders are always realized in a punctual manner
  • Our employees are good listeners – we believe that conversation is a key to success, regardless of the branch of industry
  • We offer superb quality products in sensible prices. The latter is the result of collaborating with trustworthy producers from Poland and from all over the world.
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Why to choose us

We are in possession of a technologically advanced cold store

DWe know that frozen products must be stored in optimal conditions. In order to provide our customers with high quality goods, we have decided to build our own cold store. It has been fitted with exceptionally reliable devices ensuring that there is an optimal temperature in every single room of the store. By purchasing commodities from us, you can be sure that they have been kept in perfect conditions.

We have implemented a quality control system

Our modern cold store makes it possible for us to keep goods in an optimal condition before shipping them – in this respect, we do not only follow the recommendations of the producers. In order to be completely sure that you will receive remarkably good products, we have implemented a quality control system. We are in possession of, among others, professional devices controlling ambient temperature and making it possible for our company to meet the requirements concerning the storage of the commodities available in our offer.

We employ experienced workers

It a commonly known fact that success can be achieved only while working with experienced and competent individuals. For the products to reach you in a timely manner, we have employed workers who know how it is to work with frozen products. By complying with work standards and ensuring them a decent salary, we are sure that our employees can be fully trusted. It also means that you have the quality of the provided goods guaranteed. The implemented quality control system together with responsible workers is the recipe for success.

We ship goods using our own vehicles

To be capable of delivering you products without worrying whether or not they will reach the destination without being damaged, we have invested in our own car fleet. Our vehicles are fitted with freezers that are properly adjusted to transport frozen food products in them. Thanks to the said fact, we are sure that the ordered commodities will not only be delivered in optimal conditions, but also – in a timely manner. Frozen products are transported only in vehicles adjusted for the said purpose. What is more, they can be delivered to any place in Poland, as well as shipped abroad.

Wellness program

If you happen to run a food store, it is worth considering purchasing a variety of products to be sold to customers. Enriching the assortment by adding frozen food products is a unique opportunity to provide your clients with one-of-a-kind goods that will break the daily routine and grant the possibility to try new tastes. Below, there are few reasons why you should consider expanding your goods list:

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